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Scale Syllabus

Each scale is paired with a progress tracker matrix to help you keep track of what you've worked on and what you haven't. Just fill it in as you go along.

[W = whole notes, H = half notes, Q = quarter notes, E = eighth notes, S = sixteenth notes

What is the Scale Syllabus?

You can learn all your scales in no time if you just have a method and a way to track your progress. My scale syllabus projects is designed to give you just that.


It's all based on the method outlined in my video "How to play 3000% Fast in Just 10 Minutes" and expanded upon in "Learn Your Scales in 24 Hours". This method harnesses the power of muscle memory and small increases in tempo for huge gains in speed in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Using this method, you can get through a ton of scales in a matter of weeks; but it's really helpful if you have a way to track your progress.

The Benefits of Membership

In additon to supporting my work on YouTube, early access to videos, custom emojis and badges in my chat, members of the channel gain access to a much large scale syllabus and play-along tracks.


Scales currently included:
Natural Minor
Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor
New scales and play-along tracks will be released monthly!
Coming soon: modes of the major(dorian, lydian, etc), modes of the melodic and harmonic, minor scales, diminished, bebop, pentatonic, chromatic, blues scales, and scale patterns like thirds, and other sequences.

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