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The Sheet Music in the "Duet With Me" series is available in a variety of transpositions. Instead of having dozens of parts for every possible instrument, the duets are simply offered in a variety of transpositions and clefs.


Here are some of the most common ones:


Instruments in C: violin, oboe, guitar

Instruments in C 8va: flute

Instruments in Bb: Trumpet, tenor sax, calrinet

Instruments in Eb: alto sax, bari sax,

Instruments in F: horn(french), horn(english)

Instruments in C Bass Clef 8vb: cello, trombone, bassoon

Instruments in C Bass Clef 15vb: tuba


For more information about Concert Pitch and Transposing Instruments, check out my video on the very same topic!

What part/transposition should I play?

What does "Instruments in C" mean?

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